Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cricket pitched up, Feeder dropped

Farmers' Market

During a brief visit to the Farmers' Market on Saturday I noticed that our bird feeder in the quiet garden was hanging loose on its chain. It's a shame that this feeder has proved accident prone; I do hope Glendale re-fix a bracket for it soon.

Bird Feeder
Strange blue tree nearby

The park was pleasantly busy, and the cafe too - I hope it stays beyond the summer holidays – but all this action kept the birds at bay. There were a dozen house sparrows, three magpies, three carrion crows and a solitary woodpigeon. I did hear blue tits and goldfinches in the Cliffview Road hedge, but couldn’t spot any of them.

On Monday I had a very pleasant cup of tea at the café while watching work start on the new cricket pitch.

Cricket Pitch
A park busy with summer activities kept the birdlife hidden once more but I did spot five feral pigeons, three magpies and a couple of carrion crows. House sparrows and great tits (probably) sang in the Cliffview hedge.