Tuesday, 30 September 2008

September roundup

Another month has flown by (excuse the pun) and I note that, on my 9 visits to the park, I've reported 113 birds of 9 species, the most notable being the Kestrel.

The feeder in the Flower garden only had to be filled once, partly because they don't need much extra food at this time of year and also, I suspect, because of the feeders in nearby gardens.

The BirdTrack Organisation is at this moment setting up Hilly Fields as one of its known bird sites, so very soon in this blog I'll be able to tell you how to register and then report on the birds you've seen here (and elsewhere too). Also we'll all be able to get their stats. on the birds of Hilly Fields.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Kestrel in the Meadow

Wandered over to the meadow to see the wildlife information board, and got a real treat: a Kestrel

I first spotted it sitting on a lamppost, and edged cautiosly closer to get a better photo.

Then it spotted me and flew off into a tree beside the school.

I walked slowly towards the tree, keeping to the footpath that curves up towards the playground and when I was nearly at the junction of paths it swooped down to catch something, probaby a mouse, in the undergrowth at the edge of the meadow.

I grabbed two more photos as the Kestrel ripped apart its catch

...and another as it flew away.

Sunday, 7 September 2008


In my garden, hanging below a lilac tree, is a birdfeeder. While I was filling it this afternoon several House Sparrows landed in the tree, queuing up to feed as they often do during the daily fill.

Suddenly something spooked them and they scattered in all directions. In its panic one even brushed my ear as it flew past me.

Then I saw the Sparrowhawk, perched directly in front of me about a metre away at eye-height. It had flown in from Hilly Fields and just failed to grab a meal. We both remained motionless, staring at one another for about ten seconds then the Sparrowhawk flew off.

What an experience!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Goodbye Wendy

Neither Wendy nor Lawrie's foodstall were in the park yesterday so the birdfood was inaccessible. This was not of immediate concern as it was, I believe, only the second time I've been in the park and seen no birds at all. Mind you, it was raining fairly heavily at the time, so they were probably taking shelter.

I was particularly sorry not to see Wendy as it was her last day with Glendale and I wanted to thank her personally for being so supportive and for contacting me whenever the birdfeeder was empty. All the best, Wendy, enjoy the south coast!