Sunday, 19 October 2008

BirdTrack and Hilly Fields Park

Great news! The Bird Track Organisation has accepted Hilly Fields Park as one of its recognised bird sites. So now you can register with BTO and declare Hilly Fields Park as your recording site. Just follow these easy steps:-

1/ To register with BirdTrack, click
here and complete the BirdTrack Registration Form

Registered users logon to BirdTrack here , then go to Data Home and click Submit Species List to report a bird count.

2/ To declare Hilly Fields Park as one of your recording sites, from Data Home click Create New Site then, on the Site Registration screen under Option B, select London Nat Hist Soc.

Another screen will pop up where you should double-click Hilly Fields Park --> TQ3775 and then the Go button which will have appeared on the Registration screen.

That’s all there is to it. Almost everything else on the BTO site is intuitive. Have a good look around it.

I asked BTO if they had a facility to permit a group to view each others records of a site, which we would like to do. Mark Grantham of BTO replied:

“…there isn't a facility to do this at the moment, but we are working on something along these lines. This will work through the 'Species by Location' feature we have developed. By entering a specific grid reference you can see a species list for the site, but only by month or year at the moment. We hope to expand this so people can see individual lists soon though, which should suit your needs.”

To try this, go to Species by grid on the Data Home page. Either navigate to Hilly Fields Park via the drop-down menu at bottom left, or enter grid reference TQ3775 at bottom right, then select no buffer and a time period and you’ll get the list of species around the park.

Interestingly, someone reported a Redwing in 2006!


  1. I am going to try and get this info in the Broc Soc Newsletter, so soon you should get a bit more traffic.

  2. Hello there
    Here is a picture of a bird I managed to take a snap of last week in the garden of Wickham road. I initially thought the bird was a stork, but it has been suggested that it is a grey heron. I thought you might want to see it for Bird Track purposes.
    Heron or stork

  3. Thanks, Amanda, it looks like a Grey Heron to me.

    There are quite a few around here, usually they're seen on riverbanks, fishing. The nearest such place I can think of is Cornmill Gardens where one, or occasionally two, have been seen.

    More reliably try Southend Pond, beside Homebase, but best of all for Grey Heron is Kelsey Park in Beckenham. There's a Heronry on the island in the lake where you can see 20 or more.