Friday, 1 January 2010

Brisk Walk

Had a brisk walk in the park before lunch and saw:

Blackbird (2)
Blue Tit (3)
Carrion Crow (1)
Common Gull (2)
Feral Pigeon (4)
Goldfinch (2)
House Sparrow (6)
Robin [heard but not seen]
Starling (5)
Woodpigeon (1)

The wind was cold and reached every part of the park, so I didn't linger.


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  2. On the day the snow melted, there were 20 or so birds all pecking at the newly exposed grass, to the right as you walked in from Vicars Hill and to back of Cliffview. They were mid brown and I thought they might be sparrows but they were larger more the size of a thrush. Not having binoculars I couldn't get close enough to tell and didn't think you'd spot 20 thrushes at once. Any ideas?