Friday, 30 July 2010

New Cafe and Green Flag

At long last I managed some quality time in the park today, about an hour in all.

The first thing I noticed, to my horror, was a large truck driving across the grass.  Having been stopped on more than one occasion by people complaining about Glendale vans on the grass, I expect this truck will attract complaints too.
The playground was busy, as were all the tennis courts and the table-tennis too.  I've rarely seen the place so well used before 10am, but little birdlife.  Just a few Carion Crows and Woodpigeons on the north, soon-to-be-cricket-pitch, field.  Down in the meadow south of the school: nothing.  Alongside the road west of the school: nothing. 
I didn't venture east of the school, but returned to Keith the park-keeper's office to get birdfeed for the feeder in the quiet garden; very quiet, no birds there either.  However, along from the garden at the back of Cliffview Road I heard Blue Tits, Greenfiches and a Parakeet.  Couldn't spot any on them!

Keith told me the new cafe beside his office will be a regular feature throughout the school holidays, so I took myself off there and had a very decent cup of tea in a real mug for £1.

Later I bumped into friends out for a stroll and walked down past the bowling green with them; no birds there either.

This morning hasn't been a good time for birds in the park; it was probably too busy for them, but back home in Cliffview Road there were Greenfinches, House Sparrows, Blue Tits, Great Tits and a Woodpigeon around our feeder where we've also seen a Great Spotted Woodpecker early every morning for the last week.

Oh, yes!  I nearly forgot to mention...  Hilly Fields received its Green Flag award on Wednesday

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