Monday, 21 November 2011

Pistachios Cafe etc.

Popped into the park to see the "ice" skating on Sunday afternoon and was a little disappointed.  It was, of course, just PTFE tiles, not ice but I was expecting a whole tennis court would be covered; this "rink" wasn't much larger that a domestic living room.  Nevertheless, a good number of people were enjoying it.
Sketch of proposed Pistachios Cafe

In an adjacent corner refreshments were provided by Pistachios who were also displaying plans for their cafe in the park.  Planning permission is, hopefully, imminent so construction should start fairly soon.  I can hardly wait!

Plan of Pistachios Cafe
As I left, the sun was breaking through the mist as it set and quite a few of us attempted to capture it with 'phone or camera.  I wonder how everyone else's turned out?

Stone Circle in the evening mist

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