Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Access problems

Now that I've caught up with events since this project started, all blogs from here on should be reasonably current.

Yesterday I'd arranged to show Rachel the trick of recovering the feeder for refilling, but there was no park keeper available so we couldn't get into the office where the long pole and feed are kept. Wendy, we knew, was on holiday but we did expect a temporary keeper to be available. Have to try again tomorrow.

Meanwhile, only saw 4 crow and 2 woodpigeon.

Today I tried again. Lawrie, who runs the food stall on the top path, knows everyone and is a mine of information so I asked him. There's no keeper today either, but while I was there Lawrie received a text from Wendy saying she'll be back tomorrow.

We must find a better way of getting to the birdfood, or a better place to keep it.

Community Sports and the Fair are both very active today. Only 4 crow and a solitary magpie.

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