Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Year-to-date sighting summary

Whenever I'm in the park, even if it's just a short visit to the Farmers' Market, I note the birds I see for Lara's spreadsheet, results of which are posted on the park notice boards.
I also report the same sightings to BirdTrack and the stats below are from these records
(1 Nov 07 to 26 Aug 08).

Species (no. of visits) Max Count

Blackbird (12) 3
Black-headed Gull
(2) 60
Blue Tit
(10) 3
Carrion Crow
(17) 6
(5) 2
Feral Pigeon
(5) 2
(4) 2
Great Spotted Woodpecker
(1) 1
Great Tit
(5) 1
House Martin
(1) 2
House Sparrow
(23) 30
Long-tailed Tit
(11) 2
(6) 2
Mistle Thrush
(2) 2
Ring-necked Parakeet
(10) 3
(10) 2
(2) 7
(19) 5

e.g. Up to 5 Woodpigeon were seen on 19 separate visits

The 60 Black-headed Gulls were in the NE field, where the fairs are
held, on 21st January this year. Over 50 were still there a week later.

The Great Spotted Woodpecker was in the flower garden on 21st
November last year. I haven't seen him in the park since, but often
hear him.

For the last week a Great Spotted Woodpecker has visited
the peanut feeder in our garden every morning and evening.

On 12th August a solitary House Martin was feeding on the wing in the
flower garden

The 30 House Sparrows were in the hedge on the Cliffview Road side of
the park on 28th December. This doesn't quite match the 50 seen
August last year, but a significant number all the same.

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