Friday, 22 August 2008

Hanging the feeders

19 October 2007

My contact with Chris was vey useful as the RSPB kindly donated a feeder, some birdfood to get us started and advice on where to site the feeders.

We met park-keeper Wendy, Lara and her colleagues from Glendale and first identified a tree quite close to Wendy's office from which to hang the feeder donated by Chris.
This is beside a busy path which could discourage feeding, however it does have suitable places nearby where birds can perch to check the coast is clear before feeding.

The main feeder was hung in the Flower Garden, between the Bothy and the Bowling Green.

Each site had its own advantages and disadvantages.

This site is peaceful but there's no nearby perching, the closest bush being holly which is too prickly for them. Howevery, we were hopeful that they would soon be using these feeders.

Sadly, the very next morning the RSPB donated feeder was gone!

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